In Balance.


Our vision is to humanize your interaction with all things legal.


Our mission is to build meaningful relationships with our clients by partnering with them in their legal journey. Their success is our success.



The Nungisa Law logo is made of two elements. The first one is the okapi, a unique mammal of the giraffe family that only lives in the Congolese rainforests. The okapi pays homage to my Congolese heritage and my family's story. It represents my grandfather Théodore Bengila, a highly educated man intimately involved in the Democratic Republic of Congo obtaining its independence in 1960. For his desire to help his country, he paid the ultimate price. The okapi tells a story of uniqueness, perseverance, and humanity. You will notice that the okapi is moving forward (the leg up) and has its head tilted, looking forward with confidence while standing in balance. All these elements are intrinsic to Nungisa Law as we consider helping our neighbor to be of utmost importance.


Faith is defined as "complete trust or confidence in someone or something." Undoubtedly, trust is at the core of every successful relationship. When you meet a lawyer, the underlying objective is to have faith in that lawyer and establish a trust relationship because when you trust somebody, you will trust their counsel. Traditionally, the balance represents the weighing of the pros and cons of every situation in order to determine the best outcome. It symbolizes the justice system and the legal field. Unfortunately, these terms often carry a negative connotation. Having faith in a lawyer can be challenging, especially when things are hanging in the balance and you face uncertainty. At Nungisa Law, our hope is to earn your trust in our ability to restore that balance. We want you to have faith in balance. Faith. In balance.

At Nungisa Law, we recognize that every person we interact with is unique and has a story and that human interactions are the underpinnings or all legal interactions. We recognize that the law is a tool that enables us to restore balance in our lives.

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